Fairplay-Valiton Hotel

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Fairplay-Valiton Address

Main Street

Fairplay, CO


Constance Tiel and her sons, Edward and Michael Sawyer, purchased the Fairplay Hotel in early 2010. The hotel had been closed down for two years prior to their purchase, but Contance had a desire to bring the hotel back to its former historic and landmark glory. In order to do this, Constance felt the original name of the hotel, "The Valiton Hotel", needed to be a part of the hotels new name; and so The Fairplay-Valiton Hotel was born.

The Valiton Hotel was an important part of Colorado's history. It is only fitting that the owner of the reinvented Fairplay-Valiton Hotel should be one of Colorado's very own. Constance lived in Colorado for more than 20 years. After spending some time in New Orleans and running a very successful bed and breakfast she still felt a pull to return to beautiful Colorado. After her husband's death, it was time to make the move and return to friends and familiar ground.

Constance had property in the small town of Fairplay. As she visited the area she saw the charming hotel sitting vacant and decided this was where she was meant to be. Her sons, Edward and Michael, moved to Colorado to help their mother with the hotel's renovations. When the Fairplay-Valiton Hotel opened its doors in May 2010, the community welcomed it with open arms.

The staff of the hotel, restaurant and bar is comprised of local people. Their enthusiasm to help bring the hotels history alive is evident in the first-rate customer service they provide to their guests. Constance, her sons and her staff have one simple goal:

"It is our deepest desire to cherish the full history of this building while providing high-class amenities and comforts."

To learn more about the history of the Fairplay-Valiton Hotel view our history page. As you plan your travels, make sure to include The Fairplay-Valiton Hotel as one of your destinations. You too will experience the history that lives on.